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Titleist TSR represents the deepest, most complete, most validated understanding of the tee shot ever held within our walls. Every aspect of impact has been considered, constructed, and optimized in service of our singular desire to produce more playable distance from every swing. A world of performance that explodes to life the instant the club begins to descend.

How do you take a Tour favorite and make it even faster? Director of Metalwood Development, Stephanie Luttrell, explains the multi-faceted TSR approach.


Beginning with TS, we placed a greater investment in aerodynamics knowing it was one of the most essential ways to improve clubhead speed. TSR models feature – among many other refinements – a new ‘boat tail’ shape that houses the swing weight, moving one more element of drag off the club sole.

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The metals used in TSR, including rare alloys employed by the likes of NASA, were chosen for one clear reason: they are still the best performing on the planet. The unique strength, recoil and durability properties of these materials are leveraged in not one but two new VFT construction approaches featured in TSR drivers. These variable face thickness designs each offer specific performance benefits, precisely optimized for the exact swing type each model is designed to serve.

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The key to greater accuracy looks different for every player. Whether you need to improve your spin control, launch angle or impact point your Titleist fitter can configure a TSR driver that delivers exactly what you need. The combination of our unique SureFit system and multiple head designs that feature a holistic toe-to-heel and crown-to-sole high MOI design mean you’ll be stepping up to the tee with a driver custom tuned to help you send it, straight down the middle.

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Our design process starts and ends with Tour players. No matter what computer models or testing might say, no product is considered finished until we see it perform in the hands of our Tour pros. “I can’t wait to put that in the bag” is the standard we hold ourselves to with every new launch.

Titleist TSR Tour Validation
Titleist TSR Tour Validation

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